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Kowa Anamorphics


PL Mount Primes

Made in Japan in the 1960's, these vintage lenses produce lovely filmic textures and true skin tones, as well as beautiful flaring, which is easily motivated. In addition to their unique look, their size and weight make them ideal for location, gimbal and handheld work. This set has joined us after more than a decade in Hollywood, and has been in the hands of several of the worlds leading DP's. They are still in their original housing which is in excellent working order. For use with 4:3 sensor cameras only (Alexa 4:3, Alexa Mini, Red).



  • 40mm T2.3 - CF 3' - 80mm Front Dia
  • 50mm T2.3 - CF 3' - 80mm Front Dia
  • 75mm T2.8 - CF 3' - 80mm Front Dia
  • 100mm T3.4 - CF 5' - 80mm Front Dia
  • 1x Flight Case
  • £480Per day
  • £1440Per week
  • £2880Per 2 weeks
  • £400Per day
  • £1200Per week
  • £2400Per 2 weeks
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