We are delighted to now stock the SONY VENICE @ £650+VAT per day and the SONY VENICE RAW PACKAGE @ £850+VAT per day

Schneider Diopter Set


Matteboxes & Filters

These high-quality close-up lenses require absolutely no exposure compensation. They feature Schneider’s hard, anti-reflective coating on both front and rear surfaces. This measurably reduces light loss and flare while helping to ensure proper color, contrast, and overall image quality.  Schneider Diopters are protected by a unique mounting technique which ensures superb structural integrity and consistent long-term performance, even in the harshest production environments.

Please note: If hiring with our Arri LMB-25 Matte Box kits we can supply with a tray able to take the +1/2, +1 and +2 only. 


  • 1x Schneider Diopter +1/2
  • 1x Schneider Diopter +1
  • 1x Schneider Diopter +2
  • 1x Schneider Diopter +3
  • 1x Flight Case
  • £60Per day
  • £240Per week
  • £360Per 2 weeks
  • £50Per day
  • £200Per week
  • £300Per 2 weeks
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