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Proud Patrons of the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT)

09/01/2018 Post by

We are delighted to announce that we are now a proud Patron of the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT). We look forward to working with them, and indeed their members, in helping with their endeavors to maintain the highest possible technical standards within film and television production in the UK.

We join (among others) ARRI, Panavision, Chapman, Cooke, Red, Sony and Tiffen in our support of the GBCT . The standard of our camera technicians in the UK is something we should be very proud of, and we are looking forward to being a GBCT Patron for years to come.th


The Guild of British Camera Technicians is a not-for-profit association of knowledgeable, qualified and craft trained camera technicians dedicated to upholding quality and standards in the film, television and related media industries.  Its membership comprises professionals working in all camera department roles as well as script supervisors, DIT’s, on-set colourists and specialist technicians in aerial, underwater, 3D and VFX shooting.  Membership is by invitation only which ensures that the highest industry standards are always maintained.With an amazing array of talent and knowledge, the GBCT Management Board takes pride in the fact that its membership comprises some of the very best technicians in the world.


The Guild started in 1977 when four technicians - Terry Cole (1AC), John Deaton (1AC), Mike Fox (Camera Operator) and Geoff Glover (Camera Operator) - invited all the camera technicians they knew to attend a meeting at the old Caernarvon Hotel, Ealing Common.They wanted to form a non-political association that essentially protected the interests and aspirations of a growing freelance workforce.  And, they wanted this new organisation to be an authoritative presence in the industry, to spearhead the development of new talent and to maintain the best and highest standards – to set the bar on best practice and top quality.They set about organising themselves into a company, prepared a Constitution, and invited a set of Trustees to be its guardians. The GBCT now has 6 eminent Trustees who monitor its Constitution.

More information about the GBCT can found at their website: www.gbct.org

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