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Arri Alexa Mini (4:3)



The ARRI Alexa Mini takes the image quality of the original ALEXA and puts it all into a much smaller Carbon Fiber packageImages from the Alexa Mini are uniquely suited to next‑generation HDR (High Dynamic Range) displays, which are likely to play a role in defining future format standards. In addition, the Alexa Mini’s camera speeds of 0.75–200 fps allow it to be used not just for slow‑motion shots, but also for HFR (High Frame Rate) acquisition, which might constitute another strand of future standards. Our kits include everything you need to shoot shoulder mounted - please review itemised list below.

Please note: Comes with the 4:3 upgrade and the ARRIRAW upgrade can be requested if required, please mention if you need it. 


  • 1x Arri EVF & EVF Cable
  • 1x Eyepiece Leveler
  • 1x PL Lens Mount
  • 1x EF Lens Mount
  • 4x SanDisk 256GB CFast 2.0 Cards
  • 1x CFast 2.0 Card Reader
  • 1x Arri Camera Conrtol Panel CCP-1 & Cable
  • 1x Wooden Camera A-Box (XLR Line level)
  • 6x IDX Endura DUO-150 V-Lock Batteries
  • 1x IDX VL-4S 4-Channel Battery Charger
  • 1x Hawk-Woods Battery Side Plate
  • 1x Hawk-Woods 15mm Battery Plate
  • 2x Arri MAP-2 Adapter Plate
  • 2x Arri MAP-1 Adapter Plate
  • 2x Arri MSB-1 Side Bracket
  • 1x Arri CCH-2 Camera Handle
  • 2x Arri RMB-3 Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Arri CSP-1 Shoulder Pad
  • 2x Arri 15mm Reduction Insert
  • 1x Arri BPA-4 Mini Bridge Plate Adapter
  • 1x Arri BP-8 19mm Bridge Plate
  • 1x Arri Dovetail Plate (300mm)
  • 2x Vocas Wooden Hand Grips
  • 2x Medium Rosette Extensions (110mm)
  • 2x Long Rosette Extensions (150mm)
  • 2x Ronford Baker Hand Grips
  • 1x Vocas Remote Cable
  • 1x Arri KC-50 3-Pin XLR Block Battery Cable
  • 1x Timecode Cable
  • 1x Spare EVF Cable
  • 2x 15mm Support Rods (240mm)
  • 2x 15mm Support Rods (340mm)
  • 2x 19mm Support Rods (240mm)
  • 2x 19mm Support Rods (440mm)
  • 2x Flight Cases
  • £540Per day
  • £1620Per week
  • £3240Per 2 weeks
  • £450Per day
  • £1350Per week
  • £2700Per 2 weeks
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